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What requirements of quality are required for an aluminum spacer?
All aluminium spacers have to be under the law EN1279.
Can we build a customer mark spacers?
Yes, we can make the spacers with the client’s brand, provided there is a minimum measure.
What types of packing do we have?
We can wrap in cardboard or delivery in container.
Why is recommended the union of folding spacers?
It saves time and efficiency in the aluminum frame assembly.
When do we have to use a folding spacer?
When you have fully automatic production lines.
What are the differences between a manual spacer and folding spacer?
The difference is the production process that each customer uses, folding is automated, and manual is manually placing joints.
Which are our usually supply deadlines?
The usual time from the receipt of the order is between 2-3 weeks not including shipping transit time when is necessary.
Can you give a treatment to the aluminum spacer?
Yes, we can apply a painting surface treatment.
Why an aluminum spacer carries a micro perforated face?
To let the profile “breath” inside the chamber, not creating condensation.
Which are the measures that we are currently manufacturing?
We can make from 5.5 mm to 25.5 mm in folding profile and from 5.5 mm to 26.5 mm in manual profile.
What is the raw material of the spacer and in what format do you need?
The raw material that is used it is an aluminum coil in different measures.
Which is the alloy that is used?
The alloy used is 3015 H18.
In which length are they manufactured?
In Incotec we manufacture in 5000 mm long and 6000 mm long.
What are its characteristics?
Depending on their functionality will change the thicknesses from 0.25 mm to 0.34 mm.
What is an aluminum spacer for double glazing?
It is an aluminum profile manufactured by the electric welding system and it is used for insulation chamber between two glasses.
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